Claire Stevens, a 15 year old BMI affiliated and Taylor Guitars artist, already has two releases under her belt, and is currently recording her first full-length album at Village Studios.  

At age seven, she took her first piano lesson, and at eight, wrote her first song and played her first gig. Since then, Claire has played over 100 shows at venues including The Bluebird Cafe Nashville, The Hard Rock Cafe, Opening Bell, The Palladium Dallas, House Of Blues Sunset, and was a featured artist at House Of Blues Dallas for over a year until relocating to Southern California. She also wrote and released her first EP called A Better Day before her 10th birthday, was named a Top Ten Indie Artist of 2013, has made several television and radio appearances, and has sung the National Anthem at many school and sporting events.  

In 2014, Claire recorded her second EP called Little Moments with Grammy Award-Winning producer Ken Caillat at the legendary Village Studios. After listening to her songs, Ken said, “I’ve never come across someone so young writing like this.” Little Moments was released on her 12th birthday.  

Claire has always understood the importance of giving back, and sees music as a way to make a difference. She used her last CD release party to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. She has also played benefit shows for Children’s Medical Center Dallas and the American Red Cross, and used her first CD release party to collect toys for the Santa’s Helpers Toy Drive in Dallas and raise money for St. Jude. Claire has also played at Seacrest Studios for the kids at Children’s Medical Center Dallas and CHOC.  

In June of 2016, Claire had her jaw broken in gym class at school. When hearing that her jaw was broken, Claire told the oral surgeon, “I’m supposed to be in the studio this summer and I’m playing for the kids at CHOC in a couple of weeks,” and then asked, “Will I be able to sing by then?” The answer was no, and she was in surgery two days later. It was a very hard and frustrating time, especially for her and her family.  

Though still dealing with the repercussions of that injury, Claire has stayed strong and positive through this time, and even got some new songs out of this experience. You can check out her newest single, which she co-produced, on iTunes and Youtube.